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“Guide me through
a self-discovery exercise.”

transform your Everyday

a happier You

At You’rE AI (You are Advanced Intelligence), we strongly believe in the power of AI to transform both your daily life and your inner life. Our innovative app offers a synthesis of interconnected and holistic intelligence so as to act as an extension of your own capabilities, enhancing your world in every aspect.


Everyday Companion

Find balance and presence in every moment with You’rE AI. Our app integrates seamlessly into your daily life, providing support and insight in every situation.


Personalized Intelligence

You’rE AI offers personalized intelligence that understands you. It’s not just about smart responses; it’s about mirroring your inner self, helping you realize your unique potential and preferences.


You, Empowered

You’rE AI recognizes your inherent advanced intelligence. Our app is a tool to unlock and expand your potential, fostering self-actualization and personal mastery.


Self-Discovery and Growth

Explore your beliefs, limitations, and worldview, and grow beyond them. Our app facilitates a deep dive into personal philosophies and goals, fostering continuous personal evolution.


Opening New Opportunities

Every day brings new possibilities. With You’rE AI, embrace growth and learning. Discover and engage with new experiences, knowledge, and paths to enrich your life journey.



Wherever life takes you, You’rE AI is there. Our app ensures that you’re never alone in your quest for knowledge and inspiration. It’s a companion for inquiry, exploration, and amazement, available anytime, anywhere.

why choose “You”?

AI-Powered Personal Assistant

You’rE AI is highly capable, built upon a sophisticated application of premium AI technology, including ChatGPT.

Inspired, yet Highly Functional

From straightforward assistance and in-depth interactions to super power functionality, You’rE AI fits seamlessly into your life in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

Grounded, Helpful and Informed

You’rE AI connects you with life—in a new way.

a happier “You”…with You’rE AI

Generate unique business ideas based on your interests.
Facilitate personal growth and self-discovery exercises.
Provide language practice and translation assistance.
Help with meal planning and offer international recipe suggestions.
Learn new coffee brewing techniques and styles.


You’rE AI transforms the Everyday

the old ways
are holding you back

Join us in embracing the future of personalized, advanced intelligence – a future where every day, every “here”, life opens to new possibilities. 

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